Workplace Consultancy

Workplace consultancy is a science.

There are many companies claiming to offer workplace consultancy services using unskilled and unqualified personnel to simply ask some briefing questions. We do not believe in this approach. We pride ourselves in our experience, qualifications and track record which is backed up by the brands of clients who regularly work with us.

Our specialism is in understanding the psychology of work and the workers within. We seek to learn as much about your business and your people as possible to aid in the creation of working strategies that we know reliably and statistically will work. The processes we offer can be simple light touch through to detailed analytics. Each process is tailor made to ensure we meet your project drivers, aspirations and vision.

Outputs from our work are detailed below.

V1_Worker personality types
Worker personality
V1_Demographic profiling
V1_Performance matrix - benchmarking
Performance matrix / benchmarking
V1_Cultural identification and analysis
Cultural identification and analysis
V1_Current working style assessments
Current working style assessments
V1_Current workplace efficiency measurements
Current workplace efficiency measurements
V1_Business workflow and team adjacency mapping
Business workflow and team adjacency mapping
V1_Strategies on how to work smarter and use space more efficiently
Strategies on how to work smarter and use space more efficiently
V1_Space budget analysis
Space budget

Space Occupancy Studies

Our research shows us that the average office is significantly under utilised. Workstations, which usually represent the greatest proportion of the floor space, have an average occupation of 46.5%, offices just 20% and meeting rooms 38.5%. However, during engagement with staff we often hear there is no where suitable to concentrate or make phone calls and a struggle to find meeting rooms when required. In order to demonstrate how your workplace performs, we conduct a space occupancy study over either 3, 5 or 10 days.

Our tried and tested methodology provides you with statistically reliable data and our trained experienced auditors detect behavioural patterns. The combination of this data gathering allows us to understand how you currently work, how the spaces and staff function within the workplace and establish areas that are poorly supported or lacking.

This valuable process provides a wealth of information that in itself can identify opportunities to work smarter.

Space Occupancy Studies


The engagement process is the start of the change management. It examines the data obtained (if applicable) and creates a discussion around it to enable a full understanding of each team /department and how they ‘fit’ within the organisation. This process is particularly useful in detecting key requirements and understanding the culture within the workplace. It is often the case that staff will feel happier to discuss concerns in a face to face conversation with an independent third party.

Some organisations will want all staff involved in this process through a series of briefing meetings whereas others are happy with several smaller sessions covering all departments. The entire process is designed to best suit the needs of your organisation to ensure we meet your project drivers.

We firmly believe that staff engagement is vital to the success of the project.

Online Personalised Survey

Your staff are your greatest assets and allowing them to have a say in their workplace design and working practices is an important step in ensuring they accept and adapt.

We have created a number of paper and electronic questionnaires which can be completely tailored to suit your organisation and would remain strictly anonymous. This form of data gathering is useful in aiding us to establish:

Gender splits, demographic profiling, personality types, perceptions to individual, team and workplace effectiveness through to culture and etiquettes that may require attention.

This data is somewhat subjective and is a useful compliment to the space occupancy study findings.

Online Personalised Survey