Change Management

Change management is a vital component in your journey smart working.

We understand that people are creatures of habit who have been working in a set way for most of their careers. Simply designing a beautiful environment does not mean it will be used effectively. Change management is a valuable tool to support staff through the inevitable transition relating to a significant change to their behaviours and habits.

Our bespoke change plan sets out a clear strategy on how we will work with your people to ensure that they understand:

  • What is expected of them in this new workplace
  • How they should be managing their wellbeing and workload
  • How to improve collaboration
  • How to manage teams based upon outputs
  • Etiquettes and housekeeping rules associated with managing behaviours
  • How to improve their productivity levels

The change management process is built around reinforcing positive messages agreed in advance with your project sponsors.

Through a series of workshops with project champions, we can create a team who will role model the change within the workplace. They will be responsible for defining how alternate workspaces would be used, identify what challenges and concerns staff may have and what rules people should follow to show respect for each other and the workplace.

Workshops with your Managers will support them in the change required on how they manage their teams. We need to move from an input measure to an output measure. We do this through workshops, collaborative brainstorming sessions and handouts.

Once these workshops have taken place and our core infrastructure is established, we then present this information to your people through a series of informative presentations and drop-in sessions.

It is essential you are supported through this transition, and we ensure our team stays close to your people right through to the post-occupancy review six months after your project is completed.