Before you can successfully design and build your new workplace, it is vital that you understand the key requirements. Rather than simply replicating your historic working model, this is an ideal opportunity to consider current best practice on modern workplace practices and design. The consultancy process allows you to understand all the facts and data and make informed decisions.

Interior Design

Workplace design is more than simply space planning and finishes selection. The design of your office should show consideration of human psychology regarding how people interact with the environment and each other, colour psychology, biophilia, cultural and behaviour shifts desired to align to core values and sustainability.

Change Management

Change Management is a vital component in your journey to smart working. We understand that people are creatures of habit who have been working in a set way for most of their careers. Simply designing a beautiful environment does not mean it will be used effectively. Change management is a valuable tool to support staff through the inevitable transition relating to a significant change to their behaviours and habits.

ABOUT US specialise in the discovery and design of corporate workspace. While challenging conventional thinking about what work is and how it should be done, we use a variety of methods to explore the ‘art of the possible’ with your people but within realistic and cost effective parameters. Through the use of basic psychological principles, we create workspaces that are not only vibrant but which work on a practical and functional level to improve productivity and wellbeing.

What We Do offer a variety of services that are tailored around the needs of our clients. The company has two main streams: Workplace consultancy / Strategy and Workplace Interior Design.

Most projects start with the workplace consultancy phases to establish the core design brief. This can be a light touch briefing workshop through to the detailed analytical exploration where we advise your business on the ideal requirements to balance business needs and those of your people.

Interior design can be employed in isolation or in conjunction with a wider piece of work. Design can cover simple test fits through to all construction plans.

Change management can be integrated into our processes or employed separately. We often find that cultural and behavioural shifts are required to ensure the success of new projects.

Our basic offerings include:

Space Occupancy Studies

Staff surveys

Interviews and Focus workshops

Measured site surveys

Test Fits / Zone planning

2-Dimensional design

Conceptual design

Detailed construction design

As built drawings

CGI and Virtual Reality

Change plans & change management

Company presentations